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About Us

Our Company

SOON SHENG STEEL ENTERPRISE was established for over 10 years, is a company focused on the manufacturing and installation of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and construction industry works. Our headquarter is situated in Selangor, Malaysia. We specialise in stainless steel gate, window & door grilles, balcony railing, staircase railing, awning, aluminium cabinet, the new series trackless gate, pergola awning aluminium composite and aluminium strip design ceiling. Other than home-use based, we also focused on construction industry works like stainless steel compartment rack, stainless steel tank, mild steel platform, machine welding installation and etc.

Our Vision
  • Vision of SOON SHENG STEEL ENTERPRISE is number ONE various design of steel services.

  • Using most innovative technology to create a range of stylish and safety-first products and brands.
Our Mission
  • The company’s mission is simple, to offer five-star stainless steel service & experience to clients whilst benefitting from very reasonable prices.

  • Create unlimited value for customers and create your stainless steel products with great effort and luxurious modern design.